This is where —>> I got my Dalton magnetic soap holder from Amazon Japan for 844 yen. (A little research has revealed other Amazon sites sell them at various prices, from slightly higher to slightly exorbitant. We can shop at Amazon Japan in the English language.)


magnetic soap holder (2)


Here’s what I LOVE about this magnetic soap holder:

  • It lets me use a bar of soap instead of liquid in a bottle, which means less plastic.
  • The minimal, quiet design that doesn’t feel cold.
  • Super easy to clean. I just run a sponge or even a finger over the surface underneath the soap.
  • It frees up the precious surface area around the sink. Less clutter.
  • The soap lasts way longer. Less shopping.
  • The suction cup stays on.
  • The soap stays on. (My bar of soap weighs 100g when new.)

It just feels sooo good!


PS My GRAMMARLY app tells me that my text sounds angry. Do I sound angry? Now it’s showing this icon telling me my tone is disapproving. Back to the angry icon again. Do I sound angry??   😀



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