Back in the day, I was an Art History major. I spent three years in a dark room with an elderly white professor, staring at the images of white people and old churches on the screen. 

My professor was a great storyteller. He earned his degrees after coming back from Italy, where he’d fought as a US soldier. WWII. His lecture on Circa 1600 often included the mention of Errol Flynn and/or Ava Gardner. I LOVED it.

This post is a sequel to 30 questions I would ask a prolific artist from last week.


  1. What are your obsessions, past and present?
  2. What are the current art trends you follow?
  3. Upcoming exhibits you think I should try?
  4. What is your cultural background?
  5. What was your worldview growing up?
  6. Where did you spend your childhood?
  7. Who were your childhood heroes?
  8. What was your single favorite activity growing up?
  9. How has that changed over the years?
  10. How did they help shape the way you approach your work?
  11. Where is the first piece of art you made now?
  12. Who are your biggest influences?
  13. Who do you hope to influence and how?
  14. Where would you place yourself in the history of art?
  15. When I find a place for your art at my place, what story should I share with my guests (who stop by to check it out)?
  16. Who do you consider your contemporary?
  17. How do you price your work?
  18. How much is this piece?
  19. How do you describe yourself stylistically?
  20. What is a favorite story you tell other people about your work? What do they say about it?
  21. Can you come up with another story?
  22. Do you feel misunderstood by your audience?
  23. What is your take on any artist’s need to be understood?
  24. What do we (i.e., your audience) get all wrong?
  25. What do we (i.e., your audience) get reasonably right?
  26. What is the story behind this piece?
  27. Why did you make it?
  28. Fill in the blanks. My art is a mashup of ___________, ___________, and ___________.
  29. What are your favorite big words to describe your work?
  30. What are the adjectives you use to describe your work?
  31. What are you thinking when you work?
  32. I mean, what is happening when you work?
  33. How do you describe that particular style, medium, expression, technique, chi, force, whatever you chose to employ?
  34. How many hours do you work every day?
  35. How do you treat your tools and work environment in general?
  36. What is the most awkward thing about being an artist?
  37. What is the most awkward thing about being a human?


more questions for artists





1日1冊:Daniel Ortberg「Texts from Jane Eyre: And other conversations with your favorite literary characters」、Ijeoma Oluo「So You Want to Talk About Race」とMarc Lewis「The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease」続き。


questions for artists


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