Hi. I’m Ayuko. Most of my working life as a translator-ghostwriter, I’ve helped clients find the right words to tell their stories, keeping my own to myself. Then I found blogging. Now I can’t seem to shut up. I live in Kanagawa, Japan.


Eating philosophy

To eat and let eat.
You are NOT what you eat. You are you.
If you and I enjoy an eating experience together, chances are we will get along fine.


Three questions I ask myself before doing most anything

1. Do I like this?
2. Do I want to be known for this?
3. Will this suck the energy out of me?


Happiness essentials

Physical comfort
People I like and get along with
Work that’s me that supports me
A home I feel safe in


Sushi places: fresh, sympa, quick, reasonable

Kanda Edokko Zushi (Their Nishi-guchi location has great lunch deals.)
Uogashi Nihon Ichi at JR Shinagawa Station
Tsukiji Sen Zushi at JR Ofuna Station


Coffee places: good coffee, sympa, clean-air

Cafe Dixans in Suidobashi
Gourmet Shop Cafe at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
Two Starbucks Coffee locations in Kamakura before 10:00am


Japanese cafes: green tea, perfect parfait, clean-air

Nakamura Tokichi at JR Kyoto Station
Tsukigase at Kyoto Sakaimachi
Murasakino Wakuden Cafe in Kyoto Sakaimachi


Museums in Japan you might like if you like the look and feel of this blog

Yamatane Museum
Tokyo National Museum
Yokohama Museum
Mori Arts Center Gallery
Mitsui Memorial Museum
Treasure Museum of Meiji Jingu
Nezu Museum
Kyoto National Museum
Kyoto Municipal Museum


Places I’ve lived

Tokyo (Arakawa, Ota, Setagaya, Taito, Bunkyo, Minato, Meguro), Saitama (Kawaguchi), Boston (West Roxbury, Summberville, Chestnut Hill), Vancouver (Chinatown, East Vancouver, Kitsilano)


Often uttered phrases

Why in the first place?
Ah, the same chi.


Movies I love that I never want to see again because they are so hard to watch and I feel too much and I have things to do the next day

Twenty-Four Eyes
The Piano

Movies I go back to time and again

White Chicks
Die Hard
Indiana Jones

Note on photographs

Except for a few taken by close friends, all photos here were taken by me with my iPhone. I do minimal editing and use no filters.

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